2021-12-28 18:10:00

Special Symbols of China Import and Export Fair



Take advantage of letter "O" and "I" of CANTON FAIR as the design element to endow the symbol with vast imagination space to strengthen the expression of the symbol language and to make the design theme brilliant, vivid, and easy to remember.

The symbol harmonizes move and stillness. The letter "O" is a concentric circle with revolving arc, which symbolizes the sun, representing that the development of Canton Fair is like the sun rising and full of vitality; it also signifies the continuous sublimation of the collaboration spirit of Canton Fair employees for a prosperous future. "I" is the "I" of CANTON FAIR which represents that Canton Fair is the No" 1" Exhibition Fair of China and also symbolizes the great internationalization objectives of Canton Fair.

The colorful, harmonious combination of CANTON FAIR symbol expresses the vitality and passion of Canton Fair, representing that Canton Fair is a great innovative, ambitious and devoted international trade fair.